Thanks all for an enjoyable ICCP 2020. See you all at ICCP 2021 in Israel!
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Click below to see recordings of Keynotes 1 and 3.

Keynote 3
April 26, 2020
Mark Itzler
VP LiDAR, Argo AI.
Title: Single-photon LiDAR Imaging: from airborne to automotive platforms
Keynote 2
April 25, 2020
Aude Oliva
Principal Research Scientist, MIT CSAIL. MIT Director MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, co-director MIT Quest for Intelligence
Title: Incorporating Insights from Cognitive Science into AI
Keynote 1
April 24, 2020
Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman
Associate Professor, University of Washington. Director of UW Reality Lab. Fashion and AR Lead, Google.
Title: Getting Things Done

Click below to see videos of our recorded paper session live-streams.

Session 3.B
April 26, 2020

#1: The role of Wigner Distribution Function in Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging.
#31: High Resolution Diffuse Optical Tomography using Short Range Indirect Subsurface Imaging.
#50: Simulating Anisoplanatic Turbulence by Sampling Correlated Zernike Coefficients.
#70: Towards Reflectometry from Interreflections.

Session 3.A
April 26, 2020

#25: 3D Face Reconstruction using Color Photometric Stereo with Uncalibrated Near Point Lights.
#81: Comparing Vision-based to Sonar-based 3D Reconstruction.
#85: Action Recognition from a Single Coded Image.
#93: Differential 3D Facial Recognition:Adding 3D to your State-of-the-Art 2D Method.

Session 2.C
April 25, 2020

#21: Modeling Defocus-Disparity in Dual-Pixel Sensors.
#57: WISHED: Wavefront imaging sensor with high resolution and depth ranging.
#91: Distance Surface for Event-Based Optical Flow.
#106: Fast confocal microscopy imaging based on deep learning.

Session 2.B
April 25, 2020

#9: SweepCam - Depth-aware Lensless Imaging using Programmable Masks.
#16: FoveaCam: A MEMS Mirror-Enabled Foveating Camera.
#45: Deep Adaptive LiDAR: End-to-end Optimization of Sampling and Depth Completion at Low Sampling Rates.
#69: End-to-End Video Compressive Sensing Using Anderson-Accelerated Unrolled Networks.

Session 2.A
April 25, 2020

#11: Deep Slow Motion Video Reconstruction with Hybrid Imaging System.
#35: Per-Image Super-Resolution for Material BTFs.
#37: High Resolution Light Field Recovery with Fourier Disparity Layer Completion, Demosaicing, and Super-Resolution.
#98: One-Bit Time-Resolved Imaging.

Session 1.C
April 24, 2020

#3: Programmable Spectrometry: Per-pixel Material Classification using Learned Spectral Filters.
#22: Learning a Probabilistic Strategy for Computational Imaging Sensor Selection.
#43: Neural Sensors: Learning Pixel Exposures for HDR Imaging and Video Compressive Sensing with Programmable Sensors.
#54: PhlatCam: Designed phase-mask based thin lensless camera.

Session 1.B
April 24, 2020

#2: Raycast Calibration for Augmented Reality HMDs with Off-Axis Reflective Combiners.
#29: Neural Opacity Point Cloud.
#55: Shape and Reflectance Reconstruction Using Concentric Multi-Spectral Light Field.
#62: Multiscale-VR: Multiscale Gigapixel 3D Panoramic Videography for Virtual Reality.

Session 1.A
April 24, 2020

Welcome to ICCP 2020.
#27: NLDNet++: A Physics Based Single Image Dehazing Network.
#61: Distributed Sky Imaging Radiometry and Tomography.
#79: Towards Learning-based Inverse Subsurface Scattering.
#86: Unveiling Optical Properties in Underwater Images.

Spotlight videos for all our posters and demos are available below.

#1PosterDeep Outdoor Photometric StereoYannick Hold-Geoffroy, Paulo Gotardo, Jean-Fran├žois Lalonde
#2PosterReal-time Seam CarvingNicole Kosoris, Naila Fatima, Disha Das
#3Poster3D Scene Flow from 4D Light Field GradientsSizhuo Ma, Brandon M. Smith, Mohit Gupta
#4PosterMulti-layer scattering model for incoherent fluorescence imaging with multiple-scattering phantomYi Xue, Laura Waller
#5PosterImaging through diffusers with extended depth-of-field using a deep neural networkYunzhe Li, Shiyi Cheng, Yujia Xue, Lei Tian
#6PosterFourier-space Diffractive Deep Neural NetworkTao Yan, Jiamin Wu, Tiankuang Zhou, Hao Xie, Feng Xu, Jingtao Fan, Lu Fang, Xing Lin, Qionghai Dai
#7PosterPhasor field diffraction based reconstruction for fast non-line-of-sight imaging systemsXiaochun Liu, Ji Hyun Nam, Sebastian Bauer, Andreas Velten
#8PosterDynamic Fluid Surface Reconstruction Using Deep Neural NetworkSimron Thapa, Nianyi Li, Jinwei Ye
#9PosterOn-chip fluorescence microscopy with a random microlens diffuserGrace Kuo, Fanglin (Linda) Liu, Kristina Monakhova, Kyrollos Yanny, Ren Ng, Laura Waller
#10PosterJoint optimization for compressive color video sensing and reconstruction under hardware constraintsMichitaka Yoshida, Akihiko Torii, Masatoshi Okutomi, Kenta Endo, Yukinobu Sugiyama, Rin-ichiro Taniguchi, Hajime Nagahara
#11PosterJoint Filtering of Intensity Images and Neuromorphic Events for High-Resolution Noise-Robust ImagingZihao W. Wang, Peiqi Duan, Oliver Cossairt, Aggelos Katsaggelos, Tiejun Huang, Boxin Shi
#12PosterA Coding Theory of Time-of-Flight ImagingFelipe Gutierrez-Barragan, Andreas Velten, Mohit Gupta
#13PosterUsing Corners to See Around Corners with Edge-Resolved Transient ImagingJoshua Rapp, Charles Saunders, Julian Tachella, John Murray-Bruce, Yoann Altmann, Jean-Yves Tourneret, Stephen McLaughlin, Robin M. A. Dawson, Franco N. C. Wong, Vivek K Goyal
#14PosterDeep Compressed Sensing for HDR Image AcquisitionNeerja Thakkar, Julio Marco, Adrian Jarabo, Diego Gutierrez, Ana Serrano
#16PosterPhotosequencing of Motion Blur using Short and Long ExposuresVijay Rengarajan, Shuo Zhao, Ruiwen Zhen, John Glotzbach, Hamid Sheikh, Aswin C. Sankaranarayanan
#17PosterHeartCam: Camera-based physiology monitoring in-the-wildEwa Magdalena Nowara, Tim K. Marks, Hassan Mansour, Daniel McDuff, Ashok Veeraraghavan
#18PosterDesign and Calibration of a Fast Flying-Dot Projector for Dynamic Light Transport AcquisitionKristofer Henderson, Xiaomeng Liu, Justin Folden, Brevin Tilmon, Suren Jayasuriya, Member, Sanjeev Koppal
#19PosterGlitter as a Single Image Camera Calibration ObjectMaya Shende, Abby Stylianou, Robert Pless
#20PosterSuper-Resolution Light-in-Flight Imaging using SPAD-CCD Sensor FusionClara Callenberg, Ashley Lyons, Dennis den Brok, Daniele Faccio, Matthias Hullin
#21PosterLearned Large Field-of-View Imaging with Thin-Plate OpticsYifan (Evan) Peng, Qilin Sun, Xiong Dun, Gordon Wetzstein, Wolfgang Heidrich, Felix Heide
#22PosterDirect Sparse-View CT Reconstruction using LSTM Processing of Stacked Back ProjectionsWenrui Li, Gregery T. Buzzard, Charles A. Bouman
#23PosterSingle-shot Monocular RGB-D Imaging using Uneven Double RefractionAndreas Meuleman, Seung-Hwan Baek, Felix Heide, Min H. Kim
#24PosterOptimal HDR and Depth from Dual CamerasPradyumna Chari, Anil Kumar Vadathya, Kaushik Mitra
#25PosterComputational Sensor FingerprintsPawel Korus, Eric Wengrowski, Nasir Memon
#26PosterSingle-Photon 3D CamerasAtul Ingle, Anant Gupta, Andreas Velten, Mohit Gupta
#27PosterPassive High Dynamic Range Imaging with Single-Photon SensorsTrevor Seets, Atul Ingle, Andreas Velten, Mohit Gupta
#28PosterSource Shot Noise Mitigation in Focused Ion Beam Microscopy by Time-Resolved MeasurementMinxu Peng, John Murray-Bruce, Karl K. Berggren, Vivek K. Goyal
#29Poster2D Corner Camera: Occluder-aided estimation of non-line-of-sight scenes from a single photographSheila W. Seidel, John Murray-Bruce, Yanting Ma, Christopher Yu, William T. Freeman, Vivek K. Goyal
#30PosterSurface Normal Estimation from Pulse Broadening in Single-Photon LidarZhijian Li, Joshua Rapp, Vivek K Goyal
#31PosterProbing Coherent Transmission and Incoherent Transport with Coded Coherence InterferometryAlankar Kotwal, Anat Levin, Ioannis Gkioulekas
#33PosterVisual Physics: Discovering Physical Laws from VideosPradyumna Chari, Chinmay Talegaonkar, Yunhao Ba, Achuta Kadambi
#34PosterSingle-shot 3D MicroscopyFanglin Linda Liu, Grace Kuo, Nick Antipa, Laura Waller
#36PosterLearning Rank-1 Diffractive Optics for Single-shot High Dynamic Range ImagingQilin Sun, Ethan Tseng, Qiang Fu, Wolfgang Heidrich, Felix Heide
#37PosterImage Manipulation Detection Based on Planckian LocusSetareh Kian, Scott McCloskey, Keigo Hirakawa
#39PosterA hardware based approach for adaptive LiDARFrancesco Pittaluga, Zaid Tasneem, Justin Folden, Brevin Tilmon, Ayan Chakrabarti, Sanjeev Koppal
#40PosterDifferentiable Programming for Hyperspectral Unmixing using a Physics-based Dispersion ModelJohn Janiczek, Parth Kashyap Thaker, Gautam Dasarathy, Christopher Scott Edwards, Phil Christensen, Suren Jayasuriya
#41PosterPhysics-based Machine Learning for Synthetic Aperture SonarAlbert Reed, Suren Jayasuriya
#42PosterTowards Robust Lensless Image Reconstruction via PSF EstimationJoshua Rego, Suren Jayasuriya
#43PosterDeep Polarization Cues for Transparent Object SegmentationAgastya Kalra, Vage Taamazyan, Supreeth Krishna Rao, Kartik Venkataraman, Ramesh Raskar, Achuta Kadambi
#44DemoFoveaCam: A MEMS Mirror-Enabled Foveating CameraBrevin Tilmon, Eakta Jain, Silvia Ferrari, Sanjeev Koppal
#45DemoCompact single-shot metalens depth sensor inspired by eyes of jumping spidersQi Guo, Zhujun Shi, Yao-Wei Huang, Emma Alexander, Cheng-Wei Qiu, Federico Capasso, Todd Zickler
#47DemoProgrammable Light CurtainJoe Bartels, Srinivas Narasimhan
Best Paper AwardOne-Bit Time-Resolved Imaging. Ayush Bhandari (Imperial College London); Miguel Heredia Conde (University of Siegen); Otmar Loffeld (University of Siegen).
Best Paper Honorable MentionHigh Resolution Diffuse Optical Tomography using Short Range Indirect Subsurface Imaging. Chao Liu (Carnegie Mellon University); Akash K. Maity (Rice University); Artur W. Dubrawski (CMU); Ashutosh Sabharwal (Rice University); Srinivasa G. Narasimhan (Carnegie Mellon University).
People's Choice Best Poster/DemoProgrammable Light Curtain. Joe Bartels, Srinivasa G. Narasimhan.